90 Day Warranty

All our tail skins come with a 90 Day Warranty.

This warranty covers any manufacturing defect (sewing, printing or breakage) we will either replace or repair the item. Wear and tear or negligence is not covered by this warranty and is up to you to care for your new mermaid tail.

To ensure that your tail is looked after and not damaged after the warranty period, please keep the following in mind when swimming with your mermaid tail.

  1. Swimming pool surfaces vary in texture, and some are more rough than others. Keep your fins off the floor of rough pool surfaces, as well as the paving surrounding the pool to avoid tears.
  2. Use a pool noodle or floating device to help keep your tail from scraping on the floor.
  3. Avoid hopping, jumping or dragging your tail on the floor of the floor or surrounding paving. Use a towel near the pool to put on your tail nearby.
  4. Wearing your tail for photoshoots means surfaces are more likely to be rough. Ensure something is placed under the tail while sitting on it for photos.
Return Policy

Should you not be happy with the product and would like to request a return – please contact us for a full refund. Ensure that the products may not have been worn and not have touched water. In the event that the product has been worn, washed or altered before returns, it will not be suitable for a refund.

Once your returned item has been delivered to us, we will check the product and confirm your refund.

Warranty refunds are for products only and do not include shipping costs. Shipping to our offices for returns must be covered by the customer.


Face Masks

Please note that returns or exchanges on face masks are not possible for health and safety reasons.