Taking Care of your Mermaid Tail

Congratulations on your new mermaid tail! I know you are so excited to jump into the pool with your tail, but please read these important notes on looking after your tail. The better you look after it, the longer it will last! Tail care is as important as looking after anything that is special to you.

Careful Swimming is Number 1!

Swimming pool surfaces vary in texture, and some are rougher than others! Treat all pools as your tail’s worst nightmare, and be gentle to it when swimming.¬†

  • Keep your feet off the floor of rough pool surfaces, as well as the paving surrounding the pool to avoid tears and scuffs.
  • You can use a pool noodle or floating device to help keep your tail from scraping on the floor.
  • Avoid hopping, jumping or dragging your tail on the floor of the pool or surrounding paving. Use a towel near the pool to put on your tail before you climb in the pool.
  • Even just lying on the floor can cause damage to tails – any sitting, kneeing or lying on pool steps or shallow ends can cause more wear.
  • Tails with darker colouring will have more apparent wear & pilling than tails with lighter colours. It is not as noticeable once the tail is in the water and completely soaked.
  • Wearing your tail for photos means surfaces are more likely to be rough, so ensure something is placed under the tail while sitting on it for photos.

Examples of heavy wear from scuffing on the bottom of a pool or paving.

Out of Water Tail Care

Once you have finished your magical swim in your tail, take these simple but important steps to keep your tail fresh and ready for the next swim.

Things to do:

  • Rinse in plain water after use.
  • Cold wash only.
  • Air dry inside out to prolong colours. Don’t leave it in the sun for too long!
  • Store flat or folded¬† (preferably not hanging as it puts strain on the elastic fibres of the fabric).

Things to NOT do:

  • Do not dry clean or tumble dry.
  • Do not twist to wring out excess water (give it a gentle squeeze if you must)
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach. (use a small amount of white vinegar to degrease and cleanse)
  • Do not iron (only steam if necessary)

How to put on your mermaid tail

Wearing a mermaid tail is a magical experience, but be sure to read our quick guide on how to wear your tail with a monofin, especially if it is your first time.


  • Insert your monofin through the open bottom end of the tail. Gently move the fabric to make the top of the monofin sit in the ankle area.
  • Hold the area where the opening begins, and stretch gently to insert one tip of the monofin.
  • Repeat the same, holding the other side, and stretch gently until the other tip of the monofin is inserted.
  • You can then move the fabric around gently to sit nicely around the monofin.

Learn more about tail safety!