Recommended Safety Tips For Safe Mermaiding

Follow These Important Safety Rules for Mermaiding Safely

Swim in Safe Areas

Don’t Swim When You Are Tired

Learn to Swim Dolphin Kick
Before Swimming in a Tail

Have A Friend or Adult Nearby

Practice Safe Breathing

Have A Noodle or Inflatable Nearby To Rest On

Do Not Scrape Your Tail on the Floor

Use Only Our Recommended Monofins

How to know if you are ready for a mermaid tail

Mermaid tails are amazing to use and swim with, but must always take every safety precaution first. Please do not purchase a mermaid tail if you or your child does not have any swimming experience, or is not a strong swimmer.

A monofin is a good place to start for those who have swimming experience, but not for non-swimmers. Please read the safety recommendations above and our checklist below to see if you are ready for a tail.

Swimming lessons are an important life skill – learn to swim first before purchasing a mermaid tail. 

  • You have had swimming lessons and are comfortable in water
  • You can comfortably float on your back without assistance
  • You can float on your front while being able to take breaths
  • You can put in your head in and out of the water, taking breaths in between
  • You can tread water for at least 1 minute
  • You can swim a minimum of 25 meters