Kids Generic Mermaid Monofin


Please note production times when ordering: All tails: 5 to 6 working weeks. Apparel & merch: 2 – 3 working weeks. December 12, 2023
Category: SKU: KGMO


Look and swim like a real mermaid this summer. The Generic Mermaid Monofin is perfect for a first time mermaid experience for your little one.

  • Stretchy foot pocket fits different sizes comfortably (perfect for a growing mermaid)
  • Aids in swimming like a mermaid
  • Gives propulsion needed for mermaiding
  • Fits kids shoe sizes 9 – 12

Please note we do not carry stock of monofins. Please allow for at least 2 working weeks for your monofin to arrive. 

This monofin is to be used by proficient and skilled swimmers only in the presence of competent adults at ALL times. Children swimming in a mermaid tail or monofin should never be left unattended. Injury or death may occur with improper use. Always follow common sense swimming practises with the use of this product. Always swim with a friend. Avoid swimming in areas where the water is too deep or unsafe for your swimming level, such as the ocean, rivers and open waters. Always swim in lifeguarded areas.