Dusky Dreams Luxe Tail Skin




Please note our tails are made to order. We do not carry stock of tails. Our estimated manufacturing time is 4 working weeks.

The Luxe range of fabric mermaid tails has been designed to be totally unique and stand out from all the rest! Our printing method creates the brightest colours on soft, stretchy scuba knit fabric. Inside the fluke includes a vinyl monofin casing with Velcro to secure your monofin of choice, and a side zipper to get your monofin and vinyl in and out easily. We also offer vinyl options to save on cost and shipping – see more info below!

Please read our safety information before purchasing your mermaid tail!

Our tails use marine clear vinyl to give the fluke shape and extra flow. However, this can add extra costs, so we have different options for vinyl:

  • 800-micron vinyl included with velcro to keep your monofin in place. Perfect if you want to use different monofins in 1 tail.
  • DIY vinyl – no vinyl is included and you are welcome to source your own vinyl. Perfect for international mermaids to save on shipping.
  • Sewn pocket – a monofin-shaped pocket is sewn into the fluke, allowing for the same amount of flow but without the use of vinyl. Saves on shipping & vinyl costs overall but means only 1 monofin can be used.

This is a fabric tail skin ONLY! Monofin NOT included. This skin currently works with the following monofins:

  • Finis Luna
  • Finis Aquarius
  • Mahina Merfin
  • Mermaid Linden
  • and other monofins of a similar or smaller size
  • Hand crafted swimmable fabric tail for adults
  • Made from scuba knit fabric
  • Zip to insert monofin easily
  • Vinyl insert with velcro
  • Printed & produced in South Africa

When entering your measurements, please double-check before entering your measurements. Tails are custom made to measure – no returns will be accepted if incorrect measurements are given. If you are unsure of how to measure, click here to view our easy measure guide here.

Colours and fabric may vary slightly from website images, but we always ensure the best quality possible. 

This tail is to be used by proficient and skilled swimmers only. It is to be used with the recommended safety-approved monofin. Other monofins or inferior quality monofins may adversely affect the quality of use. Injury or death may occur with improper use. Always follow common sense and safe swimming practices with the use of this product. Always swim with a friend. Avoid swimming in areas where the water is too deep or unsafe for your swimming levels, such as the ocean, rivers and open waters. Always swim in lifeguarded areas.


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DIY Vinyl, No Vinyl with Pocket, With Vinyl