Candy Floss Dream Tail & Monofin




Please note these tails are made to order from your measurements. There is no ready-made stock of tails. Estimated manufacturing time is 4 – 5 working weeks.

Please read our safety information before purchasing your mermaid tail! Competent adult supervision is required for all children swimming with mermaid tails. Swimming experience is crucial. Safety comes first – then mermaiding.

This is a fabric tail skin and monofin combination. You can choose from our Generic Kids Mermaid Monofin to the Finis Dream Mermaid Fin for a stronger monofin for a great mermaid experience! Both are options, select your chosen monofin from the dropdown. 

Dream Tail Skin:

  • Hand crafted swimmable fabric mermaid tail skin for kids aged 6 – 14 years
  • Made to fit different monofins with an open fluke for ease of use
  • Made from polyspandex with elasticated waistband
  • Printed & produced in South Africa
  • 90 Day Warranty

Generic Kids Monofin:

  • Stretchy foot pocket fits different sizes comfortably (perfect for a growing mermaid)
  • Aids in swimming like a mermaid
  • Gives propulsion needed for mermaiding
  • Size small fits kids shoe sizes 9 – 12
  • Size medium fits kids shoe sizes 3 – 7

Finis Dream Mermaid Fin:

  • Separate foot pockets increase comfort and propel you forward
  • Made of a durable, flexible material that provides a more realistic mermaid experience
  • Advanced position threads the strap through the hook for added support, while the beginner position offers quick-release
  • Adjustable strap and foam foot inserts accommodate a range of sizes
  • Quick-release strap function and rubberized fin edges support safe swimming
  • Fits kids shoe sizes 8 – 12 (with foam insert) or sizes 12 – 2 (without foam insert)

This tail is to be used by proficient and skilled swimmers only in the presence of competent adults at ALL times. Children swimming in a mermaid tail should never be left unattended. It is to be used with the recommended safety approved monofin. Injury or death may occur with improper use. Always follow common sense swimming practices with use of this product. Always swim with a friend. Avoid swimming in areas where the water is too deep or unsafe for your swimming level, such as the ocean, rivers and open waters. Always swim in lifeguarded areas. 

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 21 × 29 × 5 cm
Monofin Choice

Small Generic Kids Monofin, Medium Generic Kids Monofin, Finis Dream Mermaid Monofin, No Monofin