Mermaiding in South Africa
Become a NAUI Mermaid!

So, you love swimming and spending time in the pool. Perhaps you’re a diver – scuba or freediver? And you love mermaids – because who didn’t spend hours in the pool playing mermaids as a kid?

Mermaiding in South Africa is now a reality – and you can bring your mermaid dreams to life by becoming a real mermaid with a certification focused on skills and safety!

Freediving Johannesburg runs NAUI Mermaid courses – level 1 and level 2 – right here in Johannesburg! Janet is an experienced diver and has many years of diving and training under her belt. She is a trained professional who ensures a great learning experience with a major focus on safety.

The NAUI Mermaid course teaches Mermaids the entry-level skills needed to safely swim in a pool or confined water environment. Learn to efficiently dive underwater and perfect your dolphin kick. Gain important knowledge needed to safely swim and mitigate the risk of injury while enjoying this fun water sport.

Both levels (Mermaid 1 & Mermaid 2) include an academic portion where your knowledge of mermaiding and safety practices will be enhanced and tested. The internationally recognized NAUI Mermaid program will make the perfect addition to your professional portfolio, or for those looking to expand their skills in the water. Plus you’ll meet fellow merfolk who love water and are getting into mermaiding too!

Skills you’ll learn while doing the course:

  • The history of mermaids
  • Important gear for mermaiding
  • Swimming with a monofin (must be a strong swimmer)
  • Safety in the water

I also offer tail rental to those attending the courses, so be sure to contact me when you’ve booked your course and let’s get you a tail for the tail!


**Please note that the course is run by Freediving Johannesburg with fully qualified NAUI instructors. Two Oceans Mermaid Tails does not teach the course. 

mermaids in south africa
NAUI mermaid south africa