How To Measure For Your Mermaid Tail

Measuring for your tail is super important – measure a few times to check you’ve got them all correct. While our scuba fabric is stretchy, it won’t stretch too much, so your tail should fit you just right.

I need only a few measurements – but if they are incorrect, your tail will not fit you as it should, and unfortunately, we cannot accept a return if your measurements are incorrect.

Write down your measurements, and measure at least twice to check they are correct.


Your WAIST is the narrowest part of your middle, usually above your belly button. Measure around this area – our waistbands are elasticated to keep your tail sitting snugly around your waist.



Your HIPS are the widest part of your middle. This may be a little higher or lower than your actual hip bones, if you have a slightly larger booty, then measure that.



Your ANKLE measurement must be done with a gap between your ankles to accommodate for your monofin. (Please wear your monofin when you measure, or keep a fist’s width between your ankles if you don’t have your monofin just yet.)



Lastly, your WAIST to FLOOR measurement is taking from where your waist measurement was done and goes all the way to the floor. This is so that your tail has enough length from top to bottom.


Remember to check, check and check again before sending your measurements through!