Frequently Asked Questions

Order your tail in just a few easy steps!

  • Find the design you like for the monofin you have (or want to buy)
  • Enter your measurements into the boxes on the tail’s product page
  • Add the tail to your cart, and then select Checkout
  • Select your shipping option (Gauteng, Rest of SA or Collection)
  • Use our secure payment gateway to pay online
  • Once you have paid, your order will be placed, and we will begin the process of making your tail!

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Measuring for your tail is super important – measure a few times to check you’ve got them all correct. I need only a few measurements – circumference (going all the way around) of waist, hip and ankles, and then the length from your waist to the floor.

  • Your WAIST is the narrowest part of your middle, usually above your belly button.
  • Your HIPS are the widest part of your middle.
  • Your ANKLE measurement must be done with a gap between your ankles to accommodate for your monofin. (Measure with your monofin on, or keep a fist’s width between your ankles if you don’t have your monofin just yet)
  • Lastly, your WAIST to FLOOR measurement is taking from where your waist measurement was done and goes all the way to the floor.

Remember to check, check and check again before sending through!

All our tail skins are made to order – please note we do not carry stock.  Everything is made by hand (and by humans!) so we ensure that your order is made to a high standard. This process cannot be rushed and we unfortunately cannot place a rush on your order for an event / party / birthday.

Tail skins take 4 – 5 working weeks for production.

Please add 2 – 3 working days for courier time once your order has shipped.

Not at this time – we do not have a physical store. As tails are made to order, we don’t have a store to show off our tails. We make buying tails online easier than going into a shop, so you don’t even have to leave your house to buy a tail!

The kids’ mermaid tails are made from poly-spandex fabric, making them stretchy, easy to wear and comfortable.

The adult tails (Classic, Elegance, Luxe and others) are made from a thicker fabric called scuba knit (180gsm 100% polyester blend scuba knit) which is stretchy while having a more luxurious feel to it.

Our colours are rich and vibrant and printed by a local company in Gauteng, South Africa.

All recommended monofins are listed in the product description of our tails, with links to purchase them.

A generic monofin from Takealot will work, or a FinFun monofin will fit perfectly. Our kids tails use the Finis Mermaid  Monofin and the Luna Kids Monofin.

We do not recommend other shape monofins as they may cause damage to the tail or may not fit the tail skin correctly.

No. Monofins are important to using a tail skin in a safe manner. They create structure and allow the feet to not be tangled in the fabric. They give propulsion in the water so you can safely swim through the water. Tail skins must NOT be used without a monofin in any instance.

View our Tail Care 101 page for all our tips to caring for your mermaid tail while wearing and and storing it.

Should you not be happy with the product and would like to request a return – please contact us for a full refund. Ensure that the products may not have been worn and not have touched water. In the event that the product has been worn, washed or altered before returns, it will not be suitable for a refund. We cannot do a return for incorrect measurements provided unfortunately.

Once your returned item has been delivered to us, we will check the product and confirm your refund.

Returns for products that have any manufacturing defect (sewing, printing or breakage) will be replaced or repaired. Wear and tear or negligence is not covered by this warranty and is up to you to care for your new mermaid tail. Any damage done to the tail when worn is not covered by our warranty, and will not be accepted for returns.

Warranty refunds are for products only and do not include shipping costs. Shipping to our offices for returns must be covered by the customer.

Unfortunately we don’t do returns, as all tails are made to your measurements provided.  Please measure and double check your measurements before placing your order.

South African Payments: We use Payfast, a secure online payment gateway. You can pay with your credit card, debit card, InstantEFT or Zapper. We also accept EFTs, please email your order and measurements through and we will send an invoice with banking details. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash payments.


International Payments: We use PayPal for all international payments, which is safe and secure.

South Africa Shipping:

Gauteng addresses are charged R120, and the rest of South Africa is R170. Once your order is ready, we will ship on the next business day, and the courier takes 2 – 3 business days to deliver.  Collection is free by arrangement in Randburg.

International Shipping:

We also ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Great Britain. Shipping costs vary per product, so please add your desired item to the cart to see the shipping cost. We use DHL for shipping, while it may be more costly than others, there is tracking available and will arrive within 7-10 days.

We recommend that children are at least 6 years old and a strong swimmer (particularly in dolphin kick) to swim in a mermaid tail and/or monofin. Ensure your child has been to swimming lessons regularly. Ask your child’s swimming instructor if they are skilled enough for a monofin. However, no matter the age or skill, children must be supervised by an adult while using a mermaid tail.

Our tails are priced as such for a few reasons.

Our tails are printed at an experienced printing company – their quality far exceeds any cheap printer out there. We do not use overseas companies to print in bulk and import the fabric. Instead, we choose to support local businesses who work hard at their craft. The spandex is not thin, cheap fabric either. Each item is made with love – and hand made is not cheap, but helps support those who work hard to make them!


We believe in creating unique designs and try not to fall into a category known as ‘knock off’ tails. Our tails are designed locally, and not use some premade scale pattern that can be bought online. From the scale detail to the detail in the fluke, each tail has been made so it looks unique from other tail designers. The time it takes to design each tail is worth spending a little more on. Knock-off tails are usually made overseas with stolen artwork from other tail makers that are badly printed onto cheap fabric. These aren’t safe for swimming, and also support art theft and are disrespectful to those artists who work hard to make their own designs. Support the original artists and not those who sell unsafe knock-offs in bulk.


Made in South Africa
We have not opted for a cheap import from overseas where items are made in bulk. Our tails are made locally. We prefer to keep it local and support others while doing so.