Adult Mermaid Tail Skins - Classic Range

Adult mermaid tails are perfect for every adult who dreams of forgetting the worries of the human world! The world of mermaids is not only for children to explore and enjoy. Adult mermaid tails are growing in popularity, with professional merfolk who do events, parties and even photoshoots too. Even if you just want to add a touch of fairy tale to your life, then you deserve a beautiful mermaid tail!

Our tail skins are designed to fit specific monofins. The compatible monofins are listed with the tails. Monofins are NOT included – click HERE to browse our monofin range. Tail skins must not be used without a monofin for safety reasons.

Get Your Monofin Here!

A monofin is the key to getting that perfect mermaid fin shape, plus aiding in swimming like a mermaid. It gives you amazing speed in the water, and makes you feel like a real mermaid! Combine the perfect tail skin with a monofin today!


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