About Two Oceans Mermaid Tails

Being a redhead born in the 90’s, I grew up glued to the TV screen with The Little Mermaid on repeat. We were fortunate enough to have a pool at home, so every summer I would spend as much of my day in the pool as I could! My mum made me a walking mermaid tail after much begging, except I was not to swim in it. Oh boy, the temptation was real! I instead swam in clothes, and tried to be as mermaidy as possible at every chance.

Fast forward about 20-something years later, and what’s changed? Not a lot! Society slowly started to embrace the magic of mythical creatures and suddenly there were mermaids and unicorns and fairies everywhere. Had the 90’s returned? I think so! I stumbled across swimmable mermaid tails through Facebook, and my heart skipped a beat or ten. Knowing I could buy a tail and a fin and actually be a mermaid honestly blew my mind! I worked hard and saved up, and bought my first tail. That first swim was an absolute dream, and it hasn’t lost it’s magic a whole 4 years later.

Right, enough rambling about my dreaming. How and why mermaids? Well, as a multimedia designer with print experience, and a mother who sews, I started to connect the dots. I found a printing company who who print on the fabric I wanted. I designed 4 tails, sent them to print, and waited. A few short weeks later, they arrived – along with some heavy breathing, a racing heart and some tears. It was possible! After my mum braved this new sewing process – I finally got to swim in one of my own tails, and it was incredible. More so than my first tail, because I’d made this. Oh boy!

Fast forward almost 2 years later, and I’d decided to do the thing – sell tails and make dreams come true. As a kid who dreamed of being a mermaid, this is still lives with me in my late twenties. Swimming in a tail gives me a happiness I cannot find anywhere else. I leave my worries behind and just swim, and I want to be able to share that feeling with others too.

Two Oceans Mermaid Tails is about making a fantasy fairy tale dream come true, for those who want something crazy and different but magical at the same time. For those who feel relaxed and comforted by water. For those who love the feeling of leaving the real world behind. This is me, and this is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

All our tail skins are made to order – please note we do not carry stock.  Everything is made by hand (and by humans!) so we ensure that your order is made to a high standard. This process cannot be rushed and we unfortunately cannot place a rush on your order for an event / party / birthday.

Tail skins take 4 – 5 working weeks for production.

Please add 2 – 3 working days for courier time once your order has shipped.

Our mermaid tails are made from premium polyspandex fabric, making them stretchy, easy to wear and comfortable. Our colours are rich thanks to the process of sublimation.

All recommended monofins are listed in the product description of our tails, with links to purchase them.

A generic monofin from Takealot will work, or a FinFun monofin will fit perfectly. Our kids tails use the Finis Mermaid  Monofin and the Luna Kids Monofin.

We do not recommend other shape monofins as they may cause damage to the tail or may not fit the tail skin correctly.

Our tail skins are made to fit different monofins. Please check in the tail skin description for the monofin suited for that tail skin.

Kids Classic:
Has a ‘whale’ shape monofin, with solid footpockets with adjustable heel straps and a solid fin board. A solid monofin, gives great propulsion in the water. This monofin can be purchased from Finis HERE or a generic Mermaid Fin HERE.

Adult Classic:
A rounded monofin shape, with a solid board inside and has a neoprene cover. The footpockets are stretchy and can accommodate different size feet. Gives nice propulsion in the water. The original FinFun monofin can be purchased HERE or a generic Mermaid Monofin HERE.


Kids & Adult Luna:
The Luna is a silicone monofin with integrated foot pockets and adjustable heel straps. It is somewhat floppy, but gives great propulsion in the water, and is great for anyone with foot or leg issues as it puts less pressure on the joints in the water. A great upgrade monofin from the Classic style, and is worth the investment. The Luna is available in 2 sizes – small for children and up to adult size 5 – and medium for adults up to size 11. The Luna can only be bought from Finis SA HERE.

No. Monofins are important to using a tail skin in a safe manner. They create structure and allow the feet to not be tangled in the fabric. They give propulsion in the water so you can safely swim through the water. Tail skins must NOT be used without a monofin in any instance.

To ensure that your tail is looked after and not damaged after the warranty period, please keep the following in mind when swimming with your mermaid tail.

  1. Swimming pool surfaces vary in texture, and some are more rough than others. Keep your fins off the floor of rough pool surfaces, as well as the paving surrounding the pool to avoid tears.
  2. Use a pool noodle or floating device to help keep your tail from scraping on the floor.
  3. Avoid hopping, jumping or dragging your tail on the floor of the floor or surrounding paving. Use a towel near the pool to put on your tail nearby.
  4. Wearing your tail for photoshoots means surfaces are more likely to be rough. Ensure something is placed under the tail while sitting on it for photos.

Should you not be happy with the product and would like to request a return – please contact us for a full refund. Ensure that the products may not have been worn and not have touched water. In the event that the product has been worn, washed or altered before returns, it will not be suitable for a refund.

Once your returned item has been delivered to us, we will check the product and confirm your refund.

Returns for products that have any manufacturing defect (sewing, printing or breakage) will be replaced or repaired. Wear and tear or negligence is not covered by this warranty and is up to you to care for your new mermaid tail. Any damage done to the tail when worn is not covered by our warranty, and will not be accepted for returns.

Warranty refunds are for products only and do not include shipping costs. Shipping to our offices for returns must be covered by the customer.

Due to safety reasons, we do not allow returns on our face masks.

Unfortunately we do not do size exchanges as our tails are made to order, and we don’t carry stock of other sizes. Please measure and double check your measurements before placing your order.

You can pay with your credit card, debit card, InstantEFT, MobiCred or Zapper. All online payments are 100% secure. Unfortunately we do not accept cash payments.

We ship nationwide to South Africa. Gauteng addresses are charged R120, and the rest of South Africa is R170. Once your order is ready, we will ship on the next business day, and the courier takes 2 – 3 business days to deliver. You can also collect your order from our premises in Northcliff, Johannesburg. Currently we only ship to South Africa, while we find a cost-effective international shipping option.

We recommend that children are at least 6 years old and a strong swimmer (particularly in dolphin kick) to swim in a mermaid tail and/or monofin. Ensure your child has been to swimming lessons regularly. Ask your child’s swimming instructor if they are skilled enough for a monofin. However, no matter the age or skill, children must be supervised by an adult while using a mermaid tail.

Our tails are priced as such for a few reasons.

Our tails are printed at an experienced printing company – their quality far exceeds any cheap printer out there. We do not use overseas companies to print in bulk and import the fabric. Instead, we choose to support local businesses who work hard at their craft. The premium spandex is not thin, cheap fabric either. Each item is made with love – and hand made is not cheap, but helps support those who work hard to make them!


We believe in creating unique designs and not fall into a category known as ‘knock off’ tails. Our tails are designed locally, and not use some premade scale pattern that can be bought online. From the scale detail to the detail in the fluke, each tail has been made so it looks unique from other tail designers. The time it takes to design each tail is worth spending a little more on. Knock-off tails are usually made overseas with stolen artwork from other tail makers that are badly printed onto cheap fabric. These aren’t safe for swimming, and also support art theft and are disrespectful to those artists who work hard to make their own designs. Support the original artists and not those who sell unsafe knock-offs in bulk.


Made in South Africa
We have not opted for a cheap import from overseas where items are made in bulk. Our tails and monofins are made locally, with the exception of the Kids Monofin which is a temporary solution while our monofins are being made. We prefer to keep it local, and support others while doing so.

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