About Two Oceans Mermaid Tails

Hi, my name is Dana – and I’m a South African mermaid tail maker! From designing the tails to sewing, handling emails and shipping out orders, I do all the things as a one-woman team. I’m a multimedia designer and photographer by trade, a certified NAUI South Africa Mermaid, and a generally chilled individual who loves birds, nature, coffee and cake.

I grew up glued to the TV screen with The Little Mermaid on repeat. We were fortunate enough to have a pool at home, so spent a lot of my childhood in the pool playing ‘mermaids’!

In 2015, I discovered mermaid tails and monofins! Knowing I could buy a tail and a fin and actually be a mermaid honestly blew my mind! I worked hard and saved up, and bought my first tail!

I decided to put my multimedia design skills to the test and found a company that could print on the fabric I wanted. I designed 4 tails, sent them to print, and waited. A few short weeks later, they arrived with some heavy breathing, a racing heart and some tears. It was possible! After my mum braved this new sewing process – I finally got to swim in one of my own tails, and it was incredible!

Fast forward to 2020, I learnt to sew and decided to try selling some tails. Slowly but surely, my tails and their designs have grown into something that I dreamed of when those first printed tails arrived! We have an amazing local pod started by Freediving Johannesburg, and now we get to have to most mermazing experiences together!

Two Oceans Mermaid Tails is about making a fantasy fairy tale dream come true, for those who want something crazy and different but magical at the same time. For those who feel relaxed and comforted by water. For those who love the feeling of leaving the real world behind. This is me, and this is for you!

NAUI mermaid south africa
NAUI Mermaid Level 1 with Freediving Johannesburg in 2022!

NAUI Mermaid Level 2 with Freediving Johannesburg in 2022!

2023 Merlympics – Artistic Day 1
Photo by Meghan McCabe Photography

2023 Merlympics South Africa Day 2 Competitors


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